The Cosmocultural Party is a budding movement in the U. K., based upon genuine celebration of meaningful & deep cultural & inter-personal diversity & dynamism, without the hypocritical guilt-tripping. This is a preliminary call out to see if anybody might be interested in sponsoring & backing the project, or simply joining, learning about or debating the movement that I am hoping to create.The essential agenda of the party would be strangely “non-political”, in that its main “policy” would be the civilization of the nation in accordance to the principles of true humane-ness towards Self & Other (tolerant open discourse, increased psychological sophistication, perpetual, never-ending good-will & compassion, harmony & holiness).Ordinary matters of regulation of State would involve of a blanket policy of a general tendency of very gently & gradually reducing the National Budget, & probably State interference in people’s lives (or especially, & more rapidly, the violent interference of the State in people’s lives, especially if they have committed no criminal offence, such as falling under the bracket of “Mental Patient”) .In celebrating true diversity, the party would no longer thrust divisive immigration of certain culturally & economically impoverished areas of the world on the British population. Its probable that a fairly high, but much reduced, amount of immigration would continue, in the interests of remaining open to the world & fostering new refreshing genuine infusions & erotic, peaceful blending & break down of over-harsh & old egotistical barriers between States.At the center would be an attempt to cultivate a more amicable & natural, mutually uplifting variety among its present citizens, through disseminating philosophy at its public events & encouraging an exemplar of healthy, peaceful dynamism, & promoting assurances that personal self-determination would be not only respected, but exhorted & encouraged as a way of enabling human beings to better find their own personal vocation & mission, & become happier, healthier, & more of a joy to be around for their fellow citizens.The tentative name of the Party would be “The Multicultural Party”, or “The Cosmocultural Party” (more philosophical & Universal, directed towards harmony, blending & some inner unity or underlying brotherhood rather than mere uneasy co-existence within the same geographical borders) .Please feel free to email me at thecosmoculturalparty@gmail.com for any enquiries.

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